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Court Experiment  - an exhibition- Hudrada collective

Photo: SIZ Gallery

Court Experiment - an exhibition

Hudrada collective

SIZ Gallery, Strossmayerova 7c, Rijeka February 7th - 28th 2013. Exhibition opening: February 7th 2012, 8.00* pm (*Mingle with the artists over refreshments at the opening party Gallery working hours: 10am - 2pm (Mon-Fri) or by appointment: +385915216934

From 19 pm members of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary curatorial collective Hudrada will be presenting cases of court prosecution that initiated this project and the context of the works in the exhibition. During the opening of the exhibition there will be a performance by Alexandr Wolodarsky who has been persecuted by the court and imprisoned for art performance outside the Ukrainian parliament.
Exhibition Court Experiment was first realized in 2010. The reason behind it was a series of lawsuits against members of the Hudrada collective for their actions as political activists. This type of initiative, designed to pressure activists into creating consent with the legal system, is symptomatic of a broader phenomenon of persecution of activists from today's Ukraine.
Stories of court cases brought against Yevgenia Belorusets, Andrey Movchana, Sergiy Movchana and Alexander Wolodarsky have not been completed by the time the exhibion closed in 2010. Alexander Wolodarsky served time in prison, while the proceedings against the other continued, and this kind of persecution has become systemic.
Court Experiment was a statement directed against the persecution of Ukrainian activists for expressing disagreement with real injustices. The project is an expression of solidarity with the defendants, whose trial continues, and whose court sessions were visited by those who wanted to express support for the accused including activists, journalists, academics and artists.
Court Experiment attempted to draw public attention to the specific cases of prosecution and persecution in Ukraine. Also, the intent is to show that the state legal apparatus, as state structures within neo-capitalist economy, the instrument of violence and injustice. The exhibition places these events in the broader context of political, cultural and social circumstances of the post-Soviet society.
The exhibition of the Hudrada collective  in the gallery SIZ consists of original works and draws conclusions regarding the court proceedings, which subjects were the foundation of Court Experiment. Chronological record of court proceedings and related events is attached to the art works. The exhibition includes works of Yevgenia Belorusetsova, Alexandra Wolodarsky, Xenia Hnylytske, Anna Zvyagintseva, Nikita Kadan, Yuli Kostarov and Lada Nakonechna. Authors of the court drawings are: Anatoliy Belov, Yevgenia Belorusets, Oleksandr Burlaka, Nikita Kadan, Dmytro Myronchuk, Viktor and Anna Wolodarsky Zvyagintseva.

Programmes of the SIZ Gallery are supported by: City of Rijeka - Department for Culture, Primorsko-goranska County and the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia

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