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Gold Everywhere, performance- by Katze und Krieg

Photo: Katze und Krieg

Gold Everywhere, performance

by Katze und Krieg

Korzo Shopping Mall and Korzo pedestrian zone, Rijeka, Croatia 30th April and 2nd May at 12 am

Gold everywhere


Katze und Krieg stroll through pedestrian areas, go shopping to a supermarket and visit a residential district. Exactly in this, our world, - in its everyday life, Katze und Krieg quarrel with people and situations, and develop through their experiences their performances. They are interested in the people with their shopping bags rushing by, the cash lady in the supermarket, who repeats her sentences frequently and monotone, and the people behind their locked appartment doors, who seemed to be unreachable.

Without hesitation katze und krieg ring the bell at one locked flat door, to ask if they can heat up the choclate which they brought along. At the supermarket they pay in a great slow down, and through the pedestrian area they crawl mewing on all fours. By the means of interventions katze und krieg establish a play modus that enables them and the people around to behave and to communicate in an other way: A man starts to feed them with a bread, the cash lady opens a second cash, and the familiy invites the two strange ladies standing in front of their door to have a choclate fondue in their kitchen. katze und krieg transform encountered situations and change the everday life reality.

Katze und Krieg

Katze und Krieg are two performance artists – Katharina Lima and Julia Dick. They met during their studies at the university of art in Brunswick in Germany and started to work together in 2007. After finishing their studies in 2011 they moved to Cologne to work as freelance artists nationally and internationally.

Their performances were shown at: 

Stadtmachtkunst in Hannover (2008), International performance art ZooM in Hildesheim (2008), ARENA...der jungen Künste in Erlangen (2009/2010) -both times they won the audience prize of the festival, Kaltstart Festival Hamburg (2010), Theaterformen Braunschweig (2010), Theaterszene Europa Köln (2011), Stromereien Zürich (2011), Jacuzzi Festival Wien (2011), Streetcat in Bat Yam Israel (2011), Explosive Bremen (2011), Hart am Wind Göttingen (2012), Transeuropa Hildesheim(2012), Unithea Frankfurt an der Oder (2011/2012), Performa Südschweiz (2012), Diskursfestival Gießen (2012), wer ist den schon bei sich zu Hause? Cologne (2012), trial and error Tübingen (2013), city leaks Cologne (2013), fremdgehen Drama Köln (2013), inverscity Oberhausen and Duisburg (2013).

Katze und Krieg were invited for artist residences at the casa do rio, Amazonas, Brasilien (2011), at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Neatherlands (2012) and at the castle of Laudon in Vienna, Austria from the Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst, Kultur und Bildung (2012) .