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In 2014, the program was transferred to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art for management, and in 2020, the Rijeka City Library and the Croatian Cultural Centre Sušak have joined the endeavor as permanent program partners. The above said partners carry out this program across three areas of artistic activity: visual art, literature, and contemporary dance and movement.

Artist residencies utilize a mixed selection model involving direct invitations and open calls for proposals.

Once a year, an open call is announced, offering at least two artist-in-residence stays for organizers from the non-institutional scene.

The Rijeka City Library annually opens applications for at least two writers’ residencies lasting two weeks.

The Croatian Cultural Centre Sušak is a member of the regional network PAN-ADRIA, which once a year announces an open call for co-productions in the field of contemporary dance.

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art collaborates with the Region of Styria Department for Culture, which provides funding for a two-month stay of one or more Austrian artists at the Kamov Residence.