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The Kamov artist-in-residence program is conceived as a place of stay for creative individuals working primarily in the field of visual arts, literature and performing arts who are not residents of Rijeka.

Creators in residence have the obligation to present themselves to the Rijeka public through various activities – lectures, workshops, exhibitions, etc.

Artist residencies on request

In addition to authors selected through open calls and invitations, artist residencies can also be requested and used by art organizations and cultural associations and institutions, with a special focus on the initiatives coming from the non-institutional scene. The applicants have to submit their applications at least one month before the planned start of their residency, with a short description of the program and biography of the artist requesting residency. Creators may come from various fields including literature, visual and audiovisual arts, film, music, theatre, dance, performing arts, as well as social sciences and humanities. The program has to provide the users with the opportunity to present themselves to the public.

Based on available dates, the suitability of the proposed program and adherence to the program evaluation guidelines, the Program Council will confirm the possibility of using the Residency.

The inquiries can be sent to Turn on JavaScript!">Turn on JavaScript!.